SSC Mock Test Paper II

Full marks 20 x 2 = 40

Duration: 1 hour
Answer all the questions:
1. How does the poet describe the loss of Lucy?

2. ”Fair as a star when only one / Is shining in the sky.” – Bring out the significance of the comparison.

3. How will Nature be both “law and impulse” to Lucy?

4. “How soon my Lucy’s race was run”. Give the meaning of this line.

5. “A slumber did my spirit seal”. – What is meant by ‘slumber’ here? What was its impact on the mind of the poet?

6. “ ‘O Mercy!’ to myself I cried.” – How would you account for such an emotional outburst?

7. “What fond and wayward thoughts will slide / Into a lover’s head!”—What thought is referred to here? Why is it called “fond and wayward”?

8. “ I would rather be / A pagan suckled in a creed outworn”. Explain the significance of these lines.
9. Who is a Maenad? Why does Shelley mention her in Ode to the West Wind?

10. What is a ‘dirge’? Why is the West Wind called the “dirge of the dying year?

11. Give an example of past perfect continuous tense.

12. Give the meanings of the phrasal verbs:
i. Hold over……………..
ii. Lay by ……………………….
iii. Make away………………..
iv. Come of……………………….

13. Change the voice of the following sentences:
i) He likes people to call him ‘sir’.
ii) Honey tastes sweet.
iii) Rice sells cheap.
iv) He hoped to win the match.
v) One should keep one’s promise.
14. What is an essay? What type of an essay is Dream Children?
15. “With thy clear keen joyance/ Langour cannot be”. Where do these line occur? What is the meaning of the word ‘langour’ here?
16. What is the name of Lamb’s grandmother in Dream Children? How does Lamb present her in the essay?

17. Explain the expression “love’s sad satiety”.

18. How does Ulysses present Ithaca in the poem Ulysses?

19. Rewrite the following sentence correctly and explain the reason: The Career Coaching and Counseling Centre of this college offers many opportunities, like meeting knowledgeable persons, reading useful books and obtain information about public careers.

20. Suppose a student of class vi stammers while reading English, but while reading Bengali he does not. Now how will you guide him to pronounce English correctly?

(Answer the questions and send the answers to us for an evaluation and get feedback)

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