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  1. Goldsmith obtained B.A degree from which college?
  2. Goldsmith studied ……… at Edinburgh (Scotland) but did not complete it.
  3. Goldsmith applied for the post of … India but was found “not qualified”.
  4. Goldsmith toured the continent- Belgium, France, Switzerland and …..?
  5. In 1757 he started in which periodical?
  6. He became a hack-writer.
  7. Famous work- …. first published as Chinese Letters
  8. Famous work -The Traveller is a….?
  9. Drama: Good- natured Man was received unfavourably
  10. Most famous poem?
  11. He was called “an inspired idiot” by?
  12. Who said he “wrote like as an angel, and talked like a poor poll”?
  13. The only novelhe wrote?
  14. Wrote against sentimental drama in …?
  15. Who said “It is almost a misnomer to call them comedies; they are rather homilies of dialogue”?
  16. Important Sentimental Dramatists: Colley Cibber, Richard Steele, Hugh Kelly and ….?
  17. Goldsmith wrote against Sentimental comedy in his essay ?
  18. She Stoops to Conquer is a “… comedy” as described by Goldsmith.
  19. She Stoops to Conquer first performed in … experimentally and then in Covent Garden in March 15…?
  20. The title She Stoops to Conquer is taken from?
  21. Garrick was a…?
  22. “ The comic muse, long sick, is now-a-dying”. Which muse presides over comedy?
  23. Why long sick?
  24. What is ‘now-a-dying’?
  25. Who is referred to as ‘Shutter’?
  26. What is meant by ‘Mankish’ here?
  27. “All is not gold . . . she stumble.” taken from?
  28. “The college you . . .” College means?
  29. Where does the play open?
  30. “Mr. Hardcastle, you are very particular.”- What is the meaning of ‘particular’?
  31. “Ay, and bring back vanity and affection to last them the whole year.”- ‘affection’ means?
  32. “Learning, quotha!”- What does it mean?
  33. “You may be Darby, but I’ll see no Joan”. Darby and Joan refers to?
  34. “Twenty added to twenty, makes but fifty and seven” “make money of that”- meaning.
  35. “… there goes a pair that only spoil each other.” – Spot the figure of speech.
  36. “I’m told he’s a man of an excellent understanding.”- Spot the figure of speech.
  37. “But I vow I’m disposing of the husband…”- Explain.
  38. “tete- a-tetes”- What does it mean?
  39. “Allons!” – “let us go”.
  40. What dramatic function does Tony’s song serve?
  41. “I loves to hear him sing . . . nothing that’s low.”?
  42. “Ariadne”- An opera by….
  43. “. . . forty miles across the country, and we have come above threescore.”- Threescore means?
  44. “A troublesome old blade”?
  45. “Ould Grouse in the gunroom“?
  46. “This is Liberty Hall, gentleman.”- Figure of speech?
  47. “Punch Sir”?
  48. “Worm work, now and then, at elections…” Figure of speech?
  49. “Heyder Ally, Ally Cawn.”?
  50. “Bill of fare”?
  51. “assiduities”. Meaning?
  52. “You’d adore him if you know how heartily he despises me.” Figure of speech?
  53. “Thou dear dissembler!” Meaning?
  54. “Cicero never spoke better”- Who was Cicero?
  55. Find the meanings for the words:
  • Gothic
  • Anon
  • Haspieholls
  • Basket
  • Concatenation
  • Improvements
  • Crack
  • Morrice
  • Oad
  • Spark

Sample Modular Questions:

  1. Who played vital role in bringing SSTC on stage? A. Johnson B. Garrick C. Horace Walpole D. Sheridan

2. The title of the play is taken from? A. “All for Love” by Dryden B. “Hind and the Panther” by Dryden C. “Rape of the Lock” by Pope D. “Comedy of Errors” by Shakespeare

3. Who played the role of Mr. Woodward in SSTC? A. Garrick B. Johnson C.Edward Shutter  D.Woodward himself

4. What does the word ‘shutter’ refer to? A. comic actor of that period B. A statement that makes all shut up C.An instrument attached to the coffin D.The lid of the coffin

5. “All is not gold that glitters.”- The lines are taken from:A. Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” B. Dryden’s “Hind and the Panther” C. Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors” D.Pope’s “Dunciad”

6. “I vow Mr. Hardcastle, you are very particular”. – ‘particular’ means: A. Fastidious B.Obsessed C. Prejudiced D.Having a hard view

7.  “. . . he’s not come to years of discretion yet”- ‘Discretion’ here  means: A. Adulthood B.Maturity C. Youth D.Judgement

8. Who among the persons does not belong to Tony Lumpkin’s company? A.Dick Muggins B. Jack Slang C. Tom Twist D.Diggory

9. ‘Concatenation’ means: A.Consternation B.Falsehood C.Chain of thoughts or events D.Continuation

10. The Garden scene occurs in: A. Act II Scene III B.Act V Scene I C. Act V Scene II D.Act III Scene I

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