Mock Test II: WBSSC English XI-XII

1.    “All is not gold that glitters.”- The lines are taken from:
A.    Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”
B.    Dryden’s “Hind and the Panther”
C.    Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors”
D.    Pope’s “Dunciad”

2.    The rhyme scheme of the sonnet Loving in Truth is
A.    Petrarchan
B.    Shakespearean
C.    Dantesque
D.    NOTA

3.    “Invention, Nature’s child, fled step-dame Study’s blows” What are the figures of speech in this line?
A.    Personification & metonymy
B.    Personification & metaphor
C.    Metaphor & metonymy
D.    Personification & synecdoche

4.    “Shall I compare thee…” Why does the poet compare?
A.    The poet compares in order to convey the truth of mutability and death in nature
B.    The poet opens the sonnet with a rhetorical question
C.    The poet wanted to emphasize the beauty of the friend
D.    The poet compares his friend’s beauty to nature

5.    “When in eternal lines to time…” The eternal lines refers to
A.    The sonnets the poet is writing for him
B.    Poetry is eternal
C.    The immorality of the friend
D.    Evergreen beauty of the friend

6.    “He affects the metaphysics, not only in his satires, but in his amorous verses, where nature only should reign” Who said this?
A.    Dr. Johnson
B.    John Dryden
C.    Ben Jonson
D.    Eliot

7.    “Let us possess one world, each hath one, and is one.” How many worlds so the lovers possess in the poem?
A.    Two
B.    One
C.    Four
D.    Not sure, ambiguous

8.    “The dew shall weep thy fall to-night” What is the figure of speech?
A.    Pathetic fallacy
B.    Metaphor
C.    Personification
D.    NOTA

9.    “And mighty hearts are held in slender chains.” What is the figure of speech?
A.    Metaphor
B.    Metonymy
C.    Synecdoche
D.    Allusion

10.    Termagants, or violent tempered women become
A.    Salamanders or spirits of the fire.
B.    Nymph
C.    Fiery creature of the underworld
D.    Gnomes

11.    “From Bratha Head to Wyndermere” Where were these places located? 
A.    Scotland
B.    Lake District of England Wales
C.    East Anglia
D.    London

12.    What was the relationship between Sir Leoline and the acclaimed father of Geraldine, Lord Roland de Vaux of Tryermaine?
A.    They were boyhood friends
B.    They were enemies
C.    They were friends in boyhood but later turned into enemies
D.    They did not know each other

13.    Xanadu was the ____ capital of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan.
A.    Second
B.    Luxurious
C.    Summer
D.    Winter

14.    “To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!” What is the figure of speech?
A.    Metaphor
B.    Antithesis
C.    Anticlimax
D.    Hyperbole

15.    Wilfred Owen died in the year
A.     1918
B.    1919
C.    1920
D.    1917

16.    In the Hollow Men, ___ plays a very symbolic role.
A.    Fire
B.    Altar
C.    Eye
D.    Mask

17.    Bluntshli can be best described as
A.    Unromantic hero
B.    Anti-hero
C.    Hero
D.    Superhero

18.    In the Hollow Men, three kingdoms of Death may refer to
A.    Three levels of death
B.    Three layers of Purgatory
C.    each representing a phase of the passing of a soul into one of death’s kingdoms
D.    each representing a phase of purification of a soul in one of death’s kingdoms

19.    “Shape without form, shade without colour”. Who/what are referred to here?
A.    The bodiless spirits in Hell
B.    The souls of the persons where remained neutral in their earthly existence
C.    The moral and spiritual condition of the modern men is similar to that of the souls described in the Inferno III
D.    Modern men and women who do not believe in God

20.    “Wood had entered into my soul” Here the writer means to say that
A.    The desk had become his another organ
B.    He loved the table so much that afterwards the separation caused great grief
C.    The wood became a part of his material existence after a long time of co-existence.
D.    His heart became bleak like the dark colour of the table

21.    What is ‘Soho’ referred to by Lamb in The Superannuated Man?
A.    Name of a book
B.    Name of a toy
C.    Name of a street
D.    Name of a locality

22.    Who was Aquinas?
A.    A famous theologian in the thirteenth century, who did much work on Aristotle
B.    A famous philosopher of the 15th century known for his treatises on Renaissance
C.    A famous painter who painted the walls of Sistine Chapel in the 16th century
D.    A famous orator of the Roman senate from 3rd century AD.

23.    Who is mentioned in the Superannuated Man as ‘O’Keefe’?
A.    John O’Keeffe, an Irish playwright who wrote for the Haymarket and Drury Lane
B.    John O’Keeffe, a British essayist who wrote for the Haymarket and Drury Lane
C.    John O’Keeffe, a British writer who wrote for the Haymarket and Drury Lane
D.    John O’Keeffe, a Scottish writer who worked as clerk in Lamb’s office

24.    As a genre David Copperfield is
A.    An autobiographical novel
B.    A Bildungsroman
C.    A modern fiction
D.    A serial novel

25.    “… they are all silly and ignorant like other girls; but Lizzy has something more of quickness than her sisters.” Who is the speaker?
A.    Darcy
B.    Mrs. Bennet
C.    Charlotte
D.    Mr. Bennet

26.    “Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.” Who said this?
A.    Charlotte
B.    Jane
C.    Elizaneth
D.    Mr. Bennet

27.    What is the name of David’s house?
A.    Salem House.
B.    Limestone Aviary.
C.    Yarmouth Boathouse.
D.    Blunderstone Rookery.

28.    Why did Miss Betsey storm out on the night that David was born?
A.    She found the doctor to be very rude and insulting.
B.    She was shocked by the young age of her brother’s widow.
C.    She was upset that David turned out to be a boy.
D.    She was offended by a comment made by David’s mother.

29.    What is the historical time of the story The Lagoon?
A.    Early 20th century
B.    Late 19th century
C.    1940s
D.    1770s

30.    What is the function of the white man in the Lagoon?
A.    The white man causes Arsat’s story to unfold
B.    The white man’s silence adds contrast to Arsat’s telling a story
C.    The white man’s presence inspires Arsat to speak
D.    The white man is the vehicle through which we learn of Arsat’s story

31.    “bore chalice safely through a throng of foes”. What is chalice?
A.    The Holy Cross worn by Virgin Mary
B.    The holy objects placed on the altar
C.    Holy Grail or the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper.
D.    A kind of trophy Christ received from one of his disciples

32.    What does the name ‘Araby’ suggest in the title?
A.    An exotic place, associated with Arabia
B.    A symbol of disillusionment of life
C.    A symbol of an exotic place, where the boy must make an ideal journey to meet his disillusionment.
D.    As a bazaar it suggests hard realities of life

33.    Wilson’s daughter died
A.    Bronchial pneumonia
B.    Of blood-poisoning
C.    Malaria
D.    Dehydration

34.    “The will needs obstacles in order to exercise its power”. What is the context?
A.    Wilson’s inability to commit suicide
B.    Wilson’s growing old
C.    Wilson’s reaching 60 years
D.    Wilson’s inability to do some work

35.    The essay Freedom  is ________in tone
A.    Sarcastic
B.    Humorous
C.    Critical
D.    Apparent

36.    The concept of Freedom which Shaw attacks in the essay was derived from
A.    Enlightenment
B.    Capitalism
C.    Modernism
D.    Industrial Revolution

37.    “Abeunt studia in mores.” It means
A.    Studies produces more knowledge
B.    Studies make a man abundant
C.     Studies help form character
D.    Studies need a system to follow

38.    “let him study the Schoolmen; for they are cymini sectores” Who are advised here?
A.    Students of school
B.    Teachers of a school
C.    Those cannot differentiate between things and ideas
D.    Those cannot differentiate between theories and practices

39.     When “no sooner” is used in front position, we ___ the order of the auxiliary verb and subject.
A.    Convert
B.    Invert
C.    Change
D.    Replace

40.    Choose the noun form of ‘go’ from the options:
A.    He managed to finish the work in one go.
B.    He loved the ongoing activity.
C.    He is a frequent goer to gym
D.    It is long gone.

41.    Hardly had I arrived home___ I was called back to the head office
A.    Then
B.    There
C.    When
D.    Instantly

42.    “If you search his packet, you will find the watch.” This sentence can be converted into a compound sentence thus:
A.    You will find the watch and you search his pocket
B.    Searching his pocket you will find his watch and you can try this.
C.    Search his packet and you will find the watch.
D.    The watch is in his pocket and so search him.

43.    “He wished to become a learned person; he studied very well.” Transform this into a simple sentence:
A.    He studied well to become a learned person.
B.    He studied very well to become a learned person.
C.    He studied very well to be a learned person.
D.    He studied very well to be a learned.

44.    Find out the error:
To him I made/ a request/ which he did /not comply.
P                       Q                 R                     s
A.    P
B.    Q
C.    R
D.    S

45.    The dinner was accompanied __ a delicious fruit juice.
A.    On
B.    With
C.    By
D.    for

46.    Use appropriate forms of prepositions:
He did not abstain ___ smoking but persisted___purchasing valuable cigars.
A.    Of & to
B.    On & from
C.    From & in
D.    In & on

47.    Choose the correct sentence:
A.    I, you and he will go together.
B.    You, he and I will go together.
C.    He, you and I will go together.

48.    I am going __ a picnic.
A.    To
B.    For
C.    On
D.    No error

49.    He went __ abroad to further his study.
A.    To
B.    For
C.    On
D.    No error

50.    “I am sorry,” she said to me, “but my brother won’t be back until late tonight.”  Fill in the blank to convert it to an indirect speech.
She ____ to me and said that her brother wouldn’t be back until late that night.
A.    Was ashamed
B.    Apologized
C.    Was sorry
D.    Grieved

51.    “Look like the innocent flower./But be the serpent under ‘t.”
What is the figure of speech?
A.    Metaphor
B.    Anticlimax
C.    Antithesis
D.    Irony

52.    “Many are called, few are chosen.” What is the figure of speech?
A.    Oxymoron
B.     Antithesis
C.    Hyperbole
D.    Personification

53.    These walls have ears. This sentence is an example of a/an:
A.    Cliche
B.    Personification
C.    Metaphor
D.    Hyperbole

54.    In Zeugma two ___ words linked to a verb or an adjective which is strictly appropriate to only one of them.
A.    Same
B.    Different
C.    Similar
D.    opposite

55.    In an Anapest
A.    two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable
B.    two stressed syllables followed by an unstressed stressed syllable
C.    one stressed syllable is placed between two unstressed syllables
D.    one unstressed syllable is placed between two stressed syllables

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