Some Urgent Topics for the WBSSC Interviews

For the Interview, be prepared about the following:

  1. What is GST? Is it good for the people or not?

[Hint: No]

  1. Recent sex offences against children. How to avert such incidents?

[Hint: Psychological Counselling]

  1. What is ADHAR? What are the privacy concerns involved with it?

[Hint: Bad for privacy]

  1. Should ADHAR be made compulsory for Mid-day Meal?

[Hint: No]

  1. What is your view on demonetization?

[Hint: Against it]

  1. What is the cause of addiction and death involved with Games like Blue Whale?

[Hint: Loneliness, ennui, boredom]

  1. How to avoid digital game addiction?

[Hint: Parents give more company; get them involved in real on-field games]

  1. What are the bad and good things about the smart phones?

[Hint: bad-addictive games, social media, pornography; good- information retrieval, knowledge base, instant communication]

  1. Should smart phones be allowed in school?

[Hint: No.]

  1. Do you support the central govt’s directive of sending videos of Independence Day programme etc?

[Hint: No]

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