Guidelines for the Personality Test


Guidelines for the Personality Test

Face the SSC Interview Board Easily
For the English (Pass/Hons-PG) candidates of West Bengal School Service Commission Test

First things first:

  • Have a sound and deep sleep at night.
  • Rise up early and collect the English newspapers like The Statesman or The Telegraph (if possible). Read the important news of the day.
  • Make sure that you have got the necessary documents (Call Letter, original and photocopies of all the mark-sheets and certificates other documents if required) and a pen with you. Use an elegant file (Clear Book) with transparent pockets that display the mark-sheets and certificates from within.
  • Make sure that you have put on light coloured dress. Do not use any perfume. Female candidates should put on sari and should avoid using lipstick and excessive and self-fashioning ornaments. Remember, you should feel comfortable whatever you are dressed in.
  • Do not chew or smoke anything that would stink (like pan, cigarette, guthka). To resist bad breath, if you unfortunately have, you may use mouth-freshener candies. But don’t go for any chewing-gum as excessive chewing caused by tension results in cramp in the oral muscles.
  • Prepare yourself sufficiently ahead of time and start for the SSC Office confidently.

    At the Office before the Interview:

  • Before you enter the office, make sure that you have some dry food and a bottle of water with you.
  • Get your documents checked properly and wait for the call to the board.
  • You may talk to other candidates in a light-hearted manner. This may reduce the tension level in you. But don’t talk too much as you may lose you focus.

    Getting the personality right for the Personality Test:

  • Try to remain focused and feel comfortable. Remember you have crossed the barrier of 90 marks out of 100. Your task is to score well out of remaining 10.
  • Tell yourself that you need the job. But in order to get it, do not think of presenting yourself as someone begging a job before the board. Think of presenting yourself as a candidate fit for the job. Now it is your task to convince the interviewers that you are fit enough for the teaching job. Gather the whole weight of your knowledge, teaching skill, extra-curricular skills and will to do the job sincerely and present those before the board.
    So instead of evading the board, wait eagerly for the call.

    This is a shortened version of our guidance. Please contact us at for the FULL Guidance.


  1. Hey great work mate:) . this will surely help thousand of SSC candidates. Hope you will post all other topics ASAP so that we can get help from your blog.

    Keep up the good job.

    Best of luck:)

    With best wishes:)
    your friend

  2. Anonymous

    exactly what god has created you to help us, the ssc ,candidates. such a philanthropic mind is also inspirting us to follow .

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