Frustrated with the Delay in Teacher Recruitment? Some Alternatives to Consider Seriously

  • Be positive and continue your preparation. It will start very fast once the court cases are resolved.
  • A PLI can be lodged with the court seeking intervention the collective damage caused to education because of the delay. [If you find your age may cross, this option is the only option]
  • Try other School Board and Commissions’ test outside West Bengal. Leave the state.
  • Younger people should concentrate on other competitive exams. SSC can be a dangerous solitary option.
  • Be your own master. Make a group of few friends, say five, and start a Pre-school schools like Kidzee ( with a capital of about 10 lakhs apart from building etc (which can be rented). Profit margins are very high and from the profits you can start a Primary School and after that a full-fledged high school like Mount Litera Zee School. In the near future, English medium schools will be in popular demand in rural areas too. So, instead of being appointed as a school teacher, you can be the owner of an expanding enterprise and appoint many people. It will also give a social status which tutorship cannot give.
  • Even if you have the only option of Tuition, do it professionally. Fix a good name, register it ( get trade license, PAN, IT filing, current account with bank, have a website), expand the network of business in other places.

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