Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for WBSSC English IX-X & XI-XII

  1. “If I were you, I would buy that car.” Here we have an instance of
    Future subjunctive
    B. Past Subjunctive
    C. Indefinite subjunctive
    D. Past infinitive
  2. Can it be said that Bacon used the principles of ‘sepantia’ and ‘eloquentia’ in Of Studies?
  3. “natural abilities are like natural plants that need pruning by study” Bacon might have got this from which Renaissance book?
  4. What is the psychiatric disease indicated by Lady Macbeth’s repeated washing of hand?
  5. “Thy voice, nor catch from thy wild eyes these gleams”. Was there anything really ‘wild’ in Dorothy’s eyes?
  6. How does Wordsworth treat “picture of the mind” later in the poem when he said “not any interest/ Unborrowed from the eye?
  7. Name the contemporary painter who comes very close to Wordsworth’s presentation of nature
  8. Turner
  9. Constable
  10. Casper David Friedrich
  11. Hogarth
  12. What is true of the following in the Tintern Abbey?
    Rather than expressing the spirit of the landscape, Wordsworth meticulously described the landscape following the 18th century tradition of painting
    B. Wordsworth has followed the Romantic tradition in presenting the landscape in combination with the human world
    C. Wordsworth revolted against the neoclassical tradition of painting and presented the landscape in its spirit
    D. The landscape plays a decorative part in the play
  13. How does Wordsworth make use of the “objective correlative” in the Tintern Abbey?
  14. The Tiger stands as
    The violent aspect of Chirst as envisaged in the Apocalypse
    B. The Satanic force as opposed to the innocence represented by the lamb
    C. The revolutionary force born in the womb of industrial revolution
    D. Enigmatic poetic image
  15. What does the title of the poem My Last Duchess suggest?
  16. “Looking as if she were alive”. Why is painting of the Duchess important to the Duke even after her death?
  17. Do you discern any note of censorship of women, a note of admonition from the male [the poet] in the poem/satire TROL?
  18. Do you discern any element of racial and religious hatred in the TROL?
  19. “Fairest of mortals”. This description of Belinda can be said to be
    An irony
    B. True admiration
    C. Satire
    D. Actual description
  20. Choose the correct option
    In spite of satirising her character Pope presented Belinda as beautiful woman sometimes with a touch of divinity
    B. In spite of satirising her character Pope presented Belinda as beautiful woman sometimes with a touch of normalcy
    C. In spite of satirising her character Pope presented Belinda as beautiful woman sometimes with a touch of simplicity
    D. Pope presented Belinda as a woman to be satirised for her activities
  21. How would you describe Pope’s attitude to women in The Rape of the Lock?
    B. Sympathetic
    C. Satirical
    D. Gender-biased
  22. The issue of plagiarism is raised by the poet _____
  23. Which of the following is true?
    Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella was written as an appeal to Penelope Devereux
    B. Penelope Devereux may be an inspiration but her place in the sequence is uncertain
    C. Sidney’s Astrophel and Stella ‘Astrophil’ stands for Sidney while Stella can be identified with Penelope D
    D. Penelope D directly influenced and encouraged Sidney
  24. Sidney died in the Battle of Zutphen against
    The French
    B. The Spanish
    C. German
    D. Scotland
  25. Sonneteering was a kind of ______ both in Italy and England
    Intellectual pursuit
    B. Fashion
    C. Heroic activity
    D. Learning writing
  26. “We ride and I see her bosom heave”
    How can the speaker see if they are riding on horses or on one horse? Is he looking at her sideway?
    Or something else?
  27. “Thus lay she a moment on my breast. / Then we began to ride” What kind of ride is referred to here?
    An act of sexual consummation
    B. An act of riding on horses
    C. An act of mental journey
    D. NOTA
  28. What are the elements that make the lover’s monologue in search of an everlasting ride a rather weak and ironical expression of a frustrated person?
    The use of so many exclamation marks and notes of interrogation and unallied comparison
    B. Long speech full of comparison
    C. The monologue itself: the lover hardly talks to the lady
    D. The person is weak-hearted and it is proved from his acceptance of rejection
  29. Can the Last Ride Together be read as a fantasy of sexual journey implied in the word ‘ride’?
    The poet might have been unconscious of the connotation, but the poem can be interpreted as such
    B. Browning never intended it and it should not be interpreted in this manner
    C. One cannot be sure about it
    D. The poem is an expression of Browning’s robust optimism and so it should not be interpreted as such
  30. Is there anything abusive in the Lucy Poems?
  31. Can Wordsworth’s Lucy Poems be read as an expression of Western misogyny?
  32. “The baby loves his mother.” Is the construction correct?
  33. Wordsworth borrowed the image of the Eye from
    B. Socrates
    C. Coleridge
    D. Rousseau
  34. Which of the poems can be said to have been founded on Fertility Cult?
    West Wind
    B. Ode to Autumn
    C. Kubla Khan
    D. Last Ride together
  35. “Match’d with an aged wife”. How can this attitude to woman be interpreted in our times?
    B. Misogynistic
    C. Irresponsible
    D. Modern
  36. Mark the possible colonialist element in “clammy cells” in Ode to Autumn?
    Infection of sweat producing eastern diseases for the westerners to distant eastern places running for more profit
    B. The journey of the western people in the east
    C. The greed of the western people in the colonized countries
    D. Introduction of new diseases in England
  37. “We look before and after/And pine for what is not”. Here Shelley echoes?
  38. “Keen as are the arrows
    Of that silver sphere,
    Whose intense lamp narrows
    In the white dawn clear ”
    What can the “silver sphere” refer to
    The moon
    B. The Morning star
    C. Both A and B
    D. Skylark
  39. The starting of the fourth stanza of the West Wind can be compared to the starting of
    Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
    B. Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony
    C.Handel ‘s Water Music
    D. Mozart’s Don Giovanni
  40. The expression at the end of the first three stanzas “O hear!” can be best described as
    B. Rondo
    C. Apostrophe
    D. Metaphor
  41. West Wind is described as an ‘enchanter’. But in the poem who/what is the real ‘enchanter’?
    The west wind
    B. The spring wind
    C. The poet himself
    D. NOTA
  42. “Her clarion o’er the dreaming earth”. What is the figure of speech?
    B. Metaphor
    C. Allusion
    D. Simile
  43. “They are the real magi”. What is the figure of speech?
  44. Shaw’s views on the functions of a capitalist government echo the theories put forward by
    Antonio Gramsci
    B. Karl Marx
    C. Lenin
    D. Stalin
  45. Ulysses is a poem of journey
    Unto death
    B. For adventure
    C. For new exploration
    D. Of conquest
  46. The Last Ride Together can be interpreted as
    A poem of optimism
    B. Of pessimism
    C. Both A & B
    D. NOTA
  47. Platonic love is
    Love as treated by spenser in one day I wrote her name
    B. As treated by Donne in The Sun Rising
    C. As treated by Shakespeare in Dark Lady series
    D. Nota
  48. What dramatic effect does the Library in Arms and the Man have on the audience?
  49. What Kind of love is found in the Gift of the Magi?
    Conjugal love
    B. Selfless love
    C. Ideal love
    D. True love
  50. How is India present in the play She Stoops to Conquer?
  51. Before writing She Stoops to Conquer Goldsmith wrote another drama:
    The Good Natur’d Man
    B. Deserted Village
    C. The Vicar of Wakefield
    D. The Traveller
  52. Goldsmith was called ““an inspired idiot” by
    Horace Walpole
    B. Dr, Johnson
    C. David Garrick
    D. Boswell
  53. Geoffrey Hartman pointed out a special literary technique in the Lucy poems, particularly in “A slumber did my spirit seal”.
    What is the device?
  54. In the Lagoon ‘Tuan’ means?
  55. How many antithetical couplings of words are found in Three Years She Grew in Sun And Shower?
  56. Who said about himself/herself “I am the happiest creature in the world?”
  57. Who decides that marrige to a scoundrel is better than a ruined reputation?
    Mr. Bennet
    B.Mr. Darcy
    C.Mr. Bingley
  58. Whom does Darcy consider “One of the handsomest women of my acquaintance?”
  59. According to Darcy the only fault of his character is his
  60. With whom did Bingley dance first in the ball
  61. How many times did Jane dance with Bingley in the ball arranged in the town of Meryton by Mr. Bingley ?
    D.four times
  62. Dick is fond of
    A.Riding horses
    B.Playing cards
    D.making big kites
  63. Mr Omer made clothes for
    D.religious ceremonies
  64. Micawber’s household consists of
    A.wife and four children
    B.wife and three children
    C.wife and two children
    D.wife and one children
  65. David, after Dora’s death, leaves England to move to
    D.The continent
  66. Micawber writes a letter to David asking him to meet near
    B.king’s bench prison
    D.Parliament house


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