Example of a Bad Interview at WBSSC English

Interviews in many cases go wrong not because you are less deserving or less qualified, but mainly because of low preparation and confused preparation. Interviews are like games and as in games you need to know the rules or the ways to tackle the question and present yourself in positive manner. Remember it is the presentation that matters and you need to be acutely conscious of it. But lack of preparation, confusion and low confidence can spoil the whole affair. Here we present a fictional case of a bad interview.
You are called for the interview and shown the door to enter the room.
You enter the room with a trembling heart:
You: May I come in Dir/Madam?
Interviewer1: Yes, please come in.
[you enter with hesitant steps and approach the board without wishing a good morning or good afternoon. You stand awkward]
Interviewer1: please sit down.
[you sit down without thanking]
Interviewer2: Where are you from?
You: Malda. [you should speak in complete sentence with associated details]
Interviewer3: You mean the town or the district? (the mildly irritated sharp tone may unnerve you instantly)
You : the town Sir.
Interviewer1: you did your post graduation from which university?
You: Gour Banga.
Interviewer2: what’s that?
You : University
Interviewer 3: You should say Gour Banga University.
You: yes sir yes sir. (you are off your balance now and wait for questions rather helplessly.
Interviewer1: what was your special paper in MA?
You: New literature in English.
Interviewer1: what texts did you read?
You: x, y, z and… (You cannot remember them)
Interviewer1: You can’t remember right now?
You : yes sir
Interviewer1: Can we say you didn’t read the texts and read the notes only?
You : no sir. I read the texts.
Interviewer1: well, tell us which novel you read.
You: x novel by the author y.
Interviewer1: Do you know the importance of the novel in terms of literary theory?
You: I think it is it is… I can’t remember now.
Interviewer1: Have you heard the term hybridity?
You: no sir.
Interviewer1: the novel is concerned with this theory. (to the other members: OK. You may ask questions now)
Interviewer2: Who is your favorite poet?
You: Wordsworth
Interviewer2: Please recite some lines from a poem by the poet.
You: (at a loss) Actually sir. I did not…
Interviewer2: How is it that you cannot remember even 1 line from your favorite poet? (to the other member: You can ask questions sir)
Interviewer3: Do you support corporal punishment for students?
You: no sir but in some cases it may be used.
Interviewer3: when there is a legal prohibition how can you? Your head master will be in trouble. Well. Tell us what you know about SSA?
You: SSA. What is it Sir?
Interviewer3: it is Sarba Siksha Abhiyan.
You: oh oh OK Sir. It is a scheme…
Interviewer3: you don’t have good idea about the scheme. Anyway. Thank you. You may go now..
You: Thank you Sir.
You hurry out of the room for fresh air and you feel relieved. But the fact is that the interview has been spoiled.
In the case above the interview turned bad because of lack of preparation and guidance.

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