What do we offer?

We have been providing online coaching to the aspiring candidates of RLST English right since 2007. Thousands of users have got benefited and they are now posted in various schools as teachers. Our service was completely FREE. However, we were informed by many users that many famous coaching centres and self-fashioned tutors copied and used materials from our site. We did not object to it officially. However, this time we are offfering professional  Guidance and Coaching Platform for the aspiring candidates of RLST 2016. A Board of experts has been formed with view to providing holistic solution to the candidates in most advanced scientific manner. We promise to provide Best Coaching for West Bengal School Service Commission’s English Test. We are preparing out package keeping in mind the following aims and objects:

  • To provide honest advice and suggestions for intellectual orientation to the Examinations.
  • To provide them with preliminary materials for entering the subject areas.
  • To explore before them the unexplored parts and areas of the texts which were ignored in classroom teaching.
  • To make them familiar with the advanced topics of the subject.
  • To provide complete study materials, question sets and other supplementary materials.
  • To arrange for online tests.
  • To provide counselling through electronic conversation.
  • To help them with post-examination tips and tricks for the interview.

We have devised the functional structure of our Coaching in advanced scientific manner considering the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and demands of the Test based on Multiple Choice Question pattern. In other words, once candidates will start preparation though our model, they will steadily understand the secrets of success in such exam.

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