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  • Till now the material runs 110+ pages.
  • Psychological Counselling for getting into the Preparation Mode and removing fears and phobias
  • Guidelines and tips for Personality Test before the Board
  • Complete academic guidelines with Questions and Answers from English Literature and Grammar
  • Teaching methods and Teaching Demo Preparation
  • Comprehensive information about our Educational Systems
  • Interview Etiquette
  • No need to memorise. Our questions and answers are prepared in real-interview situation in conversation mode and you need not memorise them.
  • A candidate who purchases English Interview Guidance for IX-XII, will also get study materials for interviews of WBTET Upper Primary for free.

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Loving in Truth

On the fictional level, ‘She’ refers to Stella, the poet’s beloved. On the autobiographical plane, however, Stella is said to have been modelled on Penelope Devereux, who did not reciprocate Sidney’s love and married Lord Rich. ‘Stella’ in Latin means ‘star’, while ‘Astrophil’ in Greek means ‘Star-lover’

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One Day I Wrote Her Name

The speaker starts with a belief of the renaissance alchemy that baser elements naturally perish in the dust. For him, however, “baser things” symbolize the earthly things subject to decay and death. What he seeks to immortalize is not the physical beauty of the beloved, but…

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Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Shakespeare must have conceived of Macbeth as a personality caught up between the old and the new world-views and ethos—the conventional one and the Renaissance one. The former defined man’s place on earth in terms of the biblical world-view presented in the…

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Tintern Abbey

At the beginning of the poem Tintern Abbey Wordsworth finds the landscape appears different to his eyes. As he looks ahead, the landscape seems to merge gently with the quiet sky. He experiences the feeling that the loneliness is deepened by the overhanging silence of the sky…

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Dream Children

Charles Lamb chose the title “Dream Children” because he never married and naturally never became the father of any children. The children he speaks of in the essay were actually the creations of his imagination or fancy. At the end of the essay a picture which finally dissolves…

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Ode to the West Wind

The poem “Ode to the West Wind” directly conforms to Shelley’s poetic creed. Poetry, Shelley writes in “A Defence of Poetry”, “…awakens and enlarges the mind by rendering it the receptable of a thousand unapprehended combination of thought. Poetry lifts its veil from the hidden…”

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Ode to a Nightingale

As Keats listens to the song of the bird nightingale alone in the poem Ode to a Nightingale, he experiences euphoric ascent of joy to such an extreme degree that it ultimately leads to the feeling of pain at his heart. He compares his state of numbness to that of being created…

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Arms and the Man

Bernard Shaw borrowed the title from the opening line of Virgil’s great epic Aeneid, which reads as follows: “Arma virumque cano”, meaning “Of arms and the man I sing”. Shaw’s obvious purpose was to satirise and puncture the romantic ideas about war and love…

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